Southern Energy Management is proud to be a part of the Cimarron legacy. Cimarron has been one of our strongest partners from the beginning, always exploring ways to create greener, more efficient homes focused on quality. They take particular care to vet products and services that have the greatest benefit for homeowners, utilizing strategies that truly make a difference in the durabilty, security, and performance of the home. We have been independently inspecting their homes for the Energy Star and the National Green Building Standards Programs for over 10 years, and watched them lead the shift in the housing market to the construction of better homes.

— Jamie Hager, Green Building Specialist at Southern Energy Management

The HERS score is to the housing industry what miles per gallon is to the auto industry. The score identifies a specific number to give consumers a measurement on how to gauge the performance of a home. For example, the HERS score of a typical home built in 2006 is 100. The HERS score of homes currently built by Cimarron is in the low 60s. What this means is that Cimarron homes are 35% to 40% more energy efficient than a typical home built in 2006. Furthermore, Cimarron homes are roughly 20% more energy efficient than modern-day non-certified new homes. In either comparison, Cimarron building practices produce quite accomplished results.

— Chuck Perry, Program Manager of the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance (NCEEA)

We truly love our new home. The whole experience was wonderful and exciting. You always hear horror stories about people building their homes, but we had none of that. Justin made sure that the design of the house would be perfect and meet all of our needs. Bill was just fantastic and he made things happen. Anytime there was a problem, as rare as they were, he took care of it right away! Everyone from Cimarron are true professionals and just a joy to work with. You don’t build houses, you build homes.

— Dan Brenner

Our energy efficient house is modern, bright, open, and comfortable. The floor plan is well designed and we are very pleased with the large open area for gathering, the separate spaces to be alone, and ample storage. We received excellent, personalized service from Cimarron Homes and always felt welcome in the sales office when we had questions. Justin and Cameron were friendly, professional, and very helpful throughout the process. Yoko was extremely efficient with answering emails and helping schedule contractors, and Chad was very pleasant and skilled at his job. Our new home is perfect for us!

— Sylvia Malagon

I love my new home! It is spacious with an open concept, which I am absolutely delighted about, and it is energy efficient. Price, location, and a great reputation made Cimarron Homes the perfect choice for me. I am 100% satisfied with my home and I was 100% satisfied with the building process. Everyone was consistently patient and understanding of my needs and was easy to work with.

— Angela Vanhook

I specifically chose Cimarron Homes because I preferred to work with a local builder versus a national builder. The home I purchased is very functional, with a good balance between living space and storage needs. I have been very pleased with how easy it is to entertain in my new home thanks to the great flow of the floor plan! Working with Cimarron was easy and enjoyable.

— Mann’s Crossing Resident

I’ve known Craig for over 30 years and have had the good fortune of working with him in the land acquisition component for some of the many new home communities he has developed in the area. Craig’s background in planning and his willingness to work with neighborhoods and city and county government to obtain the required approvals for those developments, combined with his expertise, integrity, and professionalism are just part of the reason for his tremendous success. I’ve always enjoyed working with Craig on a project. You can count on him to do what he says he’ll do and then some.

Craig was a pioneer in incorporating energy efficiency into new home construction and a conservationist in his development of new home communities, from his donation of land to the Eno River Association as part of his Fieldstone by the Eno development off of Rose of Sharon Road to his donation of land for the preservation of Ellerbee Creek as a part of his Glenstone development off of Glenn Road. And Craig was building green long before green became as popular as it is today.

In the past few years, Craig’s son Justin has joined him at Cimarron. You can tell from talking and working with Justin that Craig has instilled in him the same professionalism, work ethic, and business acumen needed to continue the Cimarron tradition.

— Robert Sprouse, President, Pickett-Sprouse Real Estate, Inc.

I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for helping me secure a dream that I have had for several years – to own my own home. I have spent the weekend getting moved in and it is starting to look and feel like my home. I can’t wait to share it and begin new memories with my sons when they get home. Justin and Cameron, it was such a treat to walk into my house on Friday night and find a wonderful and thoughtful gift. It definitely included things I need! You have been a pleasure to work with and I will highly recommend you to everyone. Tell Chad he did an excellent job of building my house! Linda, your persistence on Friday was nothing short of a marathon. It is largely because of you that we were able to close. I remember the first time we spoke last summer and you said you were from Massachusetts – I knew we’d get along! Thank you for bringing me to Cimarron Homes.

— Melany Bray

After recently visiting several new home communities where Cimarron Homes is currently building, the attention to detail that Cimarron Homes is known for was evident. I immediately noticed the beautiful curb appeal of the homes and the diversity in materials used, such as the attractive stone exterior accents. I also really appreciated the look of the architectural details in the homes. Cimarron offers many wonderful house plans that provide a good flow for living. Plus they provide outstanding quality of construction which is important to all new home buyers. My agents have a history of good experiences in helping buyers work with Cimarron Homes, and I continue to recommend this established local builder to my agents and buyers.

— Sandra Paul, Branch Leader of Allen Tate Realtors, Chapel Hill/Durham Office

Cimarron Homes offers many traditional and attractive home plans in excellent locations around the Triangle. Open floor plans, beautiful moldings, and attention to detail are just a few of the features customers will appreciate. Cimarron Homes has a strong reputation for good quality work, and that combined with their locations and price makes them a perfect choice for home buyers.

— Warren and Jan Wehmann, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry & Walston, Chapel Hill, NC

Cimarron builds attractive homes in appealing locations. In recently touring some Cimarron neighborhoods, I’m particularly impressed with what Cimarron is doing at Lucas Farm in Chapel Hill and Mann’s Crossing and Valley View in Chatham County. The wooded lots and variety of elevations and architectural styles in these neighborhoods make them very inviting. Cimarron’s floor plan options are popular with today’s home buyers; their interior and exterior features are very nice; and their commitment to quality construction is obvious. I encourage my agents to share with their clients what Cimarron has to offer.

— Kyle Rank, Managing Broker of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services York Simpson Underwood, Chapel Hill, NC

I just wanted to get in touch with you to let you know how delighted I am with the home you built for me. I am so pleased with the house and the area. Thank you for all your help. Everyone was a pleasure to work with.

— Carol Indgjer

Thank you so much for helping me purchase my first home! Cameron, Justin, and Chad all made the process so easy and enjoyable, and I really appreciate everything they did for me. Their patience, knowledge, and friendliness made it a pleasure to work with each of them. I have heard horror stories about buying a first home, and about buying new construction, but I had nothing but a positive experience with Cimarron Homes. And now my mom will be moving into a Cimarron home just a few streets away from me! I appreciate the time taken to guide me through the process… from choosing a floor plan, to picking out colors and materials, to figuring out where to put my cable outlets, to teaching me how to not kill my grass. I had no idea what I was doing, but thanks to the professional guidance I received, I ended up with a perfect house. Thank you so much!

— Lindsay Kilgore

My wife and I are exceptionally pleased with the energy efficiency of our Cimarron home. During September, when outdoor temperatures were still very warm, our utility bill was $119 for our 4,733 square foot home with three heating and cooling units. That’s less than the monthly bill we paid for our previous 3,219 square foot home. For October, the bill was $69; for November, $65; for December, $103; and for January, $77! Even our water bill and our gas bills are ridiculously low. Just to be clear – We keep our home comfortable, we cook a lot (in two complete kitchens within our home), we have lights on all over the house frequently, and we don’t have big shade trees surrounding us. The fees in our gas bills have climbed over the past couple of months due to heating, which is totally expected; however the rates are still very, very low. This is a result of construction efficiency, not our lifestyle… We could save even more money if we tried. We are extremely happy with our new home and everyone we’ve worked with at Cimarron. Every step along the way has been a positive experience.

— Bob Eberhardt, Cimarron Resident

Cimarron Homes has shown a commitment to the building of energy efficient homes through the qualification of their homes to the ENERGY STAR New Homes Program since 2006. In addition to ENERGY STAR, Cimarron Homes has also been certifying their homes to the NAHB Green Building Certification Program. Cimarron Homes is dedicated to the building of energy efficient and Green homes and they back up their work with nationally recognized certifications on every home they build with inspections by an independent third party.

— Michael Peaden, Residential Building Performance Operations Manager at Southern Energy Management

As an experienced real estate professional, I greatly appreciated the friendly, quick-to-bring-service atmosphere created by the Glennstone staff at Cimarron. Someone was always available to help in the decision making process, and my buyer’s client was treated to a smooth, comfortable working experience. I would highly recommend this team and this community to work with.

— Frankie Hagan, Real Estate Broker

I knew the quality of Cimarron’s work, but I didn’t want my home in a traditional neighborhood. Cimarron started working with me before I actually bought my lot. They guided me through the process and helped me to make good decisions. I rotated the garage from front entry to side entry for additional curb appeal, and I made some upgrades in windows, trimwork, built-in cabinets, and an elaborate ceiling throughout much of the downstairs. I added a Hot Water Spot at the sink in the kitchen. I kept all the Green and Energy Star features that Cimarron typically includes in their homes. I’m very excited about the house and can hardly wait to move in. Cimarron made the entire process easy… I value my relationship with Cimarron and I most definitely recommend them.

— Kevin Punt

My wife and I have had two homes built with Cimarron. One home was our ‘starter’ home when we got married several years ago, and just recently Cimarron completed our ‘forever’ home. We started our building process by interviewing four builders. What set Cimarron apart from the other builders was their high quality product, building efficiency, importance placed on home energy savings, and working with us on setting a budget.

We expected to have a few hiccups during construction but we experienced none. All of the custom builders we had spoken with other than Cimarron wanted to pick and choose materials or products as the house was being built. Cimarron encouraged us to choose these items upfront, which allowed us to stay in budget and to eliminate stress over constantly picking and choosing materials throughout the building process. This alone made building with Cimarron worthwhile as it allowed us time to consider our options before the home was built rather than make a split decision when the time came to make a choice. If we had questions along the way, we could ask our contractor directly and get answers within 24 hours. I highly recommend to anyone building a home, whether it’s their first home, forever home, or somewhere in between, to consider Cimarron in their decision process if they want a quality home at an affordable price.

— Dr. Eric Steinbicker

Two of the most important people in the creation and success of our green building program achieved professional milestones recently, as Craig Morrison and Danny Winters of Cimarron Homes were awarded designation as Master Certified Green Builders. Between the GHBT local third party certification program and the NAHB RC certification (both to the same rigorous standard), Cimarron has built and certified more than 475 homes in our area.

Beyond that, Cimarron’s field supervisors are all CGP designees – demonstrating the company’s dedication to delivering the benefits promised by energy efficient, resource conserving, air quality enhancing green building.

Our HBAs (DOC and Raleigh/Wake) have achieved national recognition as leaders in green building – and that success has come from many dedicated individuals and fine home builders, but the foundation for it was Cimarron’s early commitment to 100% certification and Danny Winters personal involvement to make sure we got the program set up to serve buyers AND builders.

Congratulations, Danny and Craig – and thanks!

— Nick Tennyson, Former Executive Vice President at Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange & Chatham Counties

I have had the privilege of working with Cimarron Homes for many years. It is a family owned and run local company. The people that work there are the best! They care about their customers and care about building a quality home for them. It is a joy to work with them because my customers are so happy with their new homes!

— Julia Woods, Mortgage Consultant

Having worked in Durham residential real estate for many years, I have been familiar with Cimarron Homes for quite some time. I have served as an agent for clients buying and selling homes by Cimarron, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality construction Cimarron is known for, as well as the affordable pricing of their homes. Recently, I represented two clients who are in the early stages of building custom homes with Cimarron at Stagville at Treyburn. I was impressed with the Cimarron selections, and with the way Cimarron can put together a beautiful custom home at a very affordable price. Everyone involved in the process was extremely helpful, and their contract was short, simple, and very understandable. It was a pleasure for my clients and for me to do business with them. Cimarron has an excellent reputation as a result of their exceptional home building abilities and their first class customer service approach. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

— Irving Dermer, Broker, Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty

Cimarron Homes is forward-thinking with modernized technology from the cost-effective toilets to the construction of green resources. As a 47 year old single parent, I was able to finally afford my Home Sweet Home in this luxurious yet family-oriented environment. With Glennstone, you get a little bit of country, yet close to shopping amenities near the interstate; it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from work, play, and leisure activities.

— Lori Evanochick

I’ve sold many Cimarron homes. What impresses me most is Cimarron’s ability to provide high efficiency, green built homes at an affordable cost. My clients have been very pleased… Not only do Cimarron homes retain their market value, they are less costly to maintain than other homes. I’ve researched utility costs for my clients, and I’ve found that Cimarron home owners consistently pay substantially less for utilities than other home owners. I’m a big fan of Cimarron Homes.

— REALTOR® Armand Lenchek of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston.

I just want you to know how you shine in the area of customer service. I found you efficient, courteous, and felt like I as a person mattered. It has been a bright spot and I just want to thank you much for being so good at what you do. And also for being such good people! You are appreciated!

— Sue Jennings

We have several friends who have been involved in construction for many years and who praise the quality of workmanship in our home. We are extremely pleased with the professionalism of the whole team and would most definitely recommend Cimarron Homes to anyone who is looking to build a home.

— Dale and Betty Wickham

This was my first experience having a home built and my builders were experienced, patient, and kind. I felt comfortable asking questions and always received prompt, thorough responses.

— Carol Bolton

My time and exposure to the Cimarron team before, during, and after moving into my new home has exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed both a rewarding and refreshing home buying experience.

— Gary Bowles

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the home, the great community, and the excellent service provided by the entire Cimarron team.

— Ron and Nicole Taylor