In line with our mission to provide high-performance green homes, Cimarron has partnered with Southern Energy Management to offer solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to lower our customer’s electricity bill.

How it Works

Solar panels are mounted to the rear or sides of the roof and convert sunlight into electricity, offsetting the power you’d otherwise need to buy from the utility. Any excess energy above your need is fed into the grid and you receive a credit against your monthly bill.  The panels are aesthetically pleasing in all black, lie nearly flush with the roof and require only occasional rainfall (abundant in NC) to rinse off any debris or residue. They have an expected lifetime of 30 years.

Why Solar?

The cost of solar technology has fallen drastically in recent years and is now an affordable option within reach of the average homebuyer. Conveniently rolled into the mortgage, the average monthly energy savings exceeds the mortgage adder and can reduce your bill anywhere from 25% to 75% depending on system size.  Should you move out of your home before the life of the system is up, the remaining value of your system will be appraised and increase the value of the home.

What Comes Next?

If you’re interested in getting a custom made proposal for solar on your home, contact Justin Morrison at 919.382.2888.

Solar Energy

Price, location, and a great reputation made Cimarron Homes the perfect choice for me. I am 100% satisfied with my home and I was 100% satisfied with the building process.

— Angela Vanhook