Greenfordable is Cimarron’s commitment to building HEALTHY, affordable green homes in all price ranges, from starter homes to dream homes.

To make our homes green, we follow practices that help reduce environmental impact, including site design and quality storm water management. Every Cimarron home exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards by using advanced framing techniques which allow for greater insulation coverage. We also install Low E energy efficient windows, water conserving showerheads, faucets and toilets, and green labeled carpet tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute for improved air quality. After construction, we provide each homeowner with a manual explaining proper operations and maintenance procedures to ensure that their green home, which was so carefully built, can also be operated in an environmentally responsible manner.
Cimmaron_sustainability-home_southern energy solar panel

1. Blower Door Test by 3rd Party Inspector
2. Programmable Thermostats
3. Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans
4. ENERGY STAR Appliances
5. Insulated Attic Blanket
6. Fresh Air Ventilation

7. Low Flow Faucets, Shower heads, and Toilets
8. Sealed and Insulated HVAC Ducts
9. Advanced Framing Techniques
10. Tight Construction with Sealed Thermal Envelope
11. Pressure Balancing Transfer Grills

12. Vinyl Low E Windows
13. Sealed Crawl Space
14. HVAC System Test Before and After Construction
15. 3rd Party Green Certified
16. Optional Solar PV System

Practices That Make Cimarron Green Cimarron Green Home Features

Why Buy a Green Home?

Green Building is a term that describes environmentally friendly construction. It includes many different aspects of the home, from planting shade trees to save energy to installing water efficient plumbing. But, while green building is driven by a desire to reduce the environmental impact of your home, it’s also good for you.

Energy Savings

Because of increase water and energy efficiency, you can save thousands of dollars over the life of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Green homes feature improved air quality, which enhances their overall livability. Green builders reduce pollutants, and improve ventilations so your family can breathe easier.

Less Maintenance

Green homes are designed to minimize the amount of time and money required to maintain them.

Peace of Mind

Green homes are built with the environment in mind. From the energy and water efficiency, to reduced construction waste and the use of renewable materials, you can take pride in the fact that your home has less negative impact on the environment.

Practices That Make Cimarron Green Cimarron Green Home Features

Cimarron homes are roughly 20% more energy efficient than modern-day non-certified new homes…. Cimarron building practices produce quite accomplished results.

— Chuck Perry, Program Manager of the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance (NCEEA)