For an idea of how well Cimarron homes age, take a look at these exteriors… Some are over 25 years old! As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. In this case, these photos illustrate the careful construction products and processes utilized at Cimarron Homes over the years. From “back in the day” through present day, Cimarron builds value-packed homes that are beautiful, functional, durable, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible. Visit with us to learn how we can build a home that lasts for you!

Sparger Springs, Durham, NC, completed Spring, 1989

Cabe’s Mill, Durham, NC, completed Summer, 1993

Buckwater Creek, Durham, NC, completed Fall, 1996

Lennox, Durham, NC, completed Fall, 1997

Fieldstone by the Eno, completed Fall, 1999